The FoRB Foundation – FoRB R3

Our Focus is FoRB R3

  1. Raise Awareness
  2. Recover Rights
  3. Rebuild Lives

Each R  represents a step in the process toward rebuilding or can be a stand-alone support effort to help those with specific needs.  It is our aim to undertake an initial assessment of each situation before engaging with any project to ensure we are providing the appropriate and needed level of care, support, and training.

1. Raise Awareness

It is possible to experience FoRB discrimination anywhere in the world.  As The FoRB Foundation one of our aims is to Raise Awareness.  Awareness of what FoRB is, awareness of what FoRB discrimination looks like, awareness of those persecuted for what they believe and Awareness of those imprisoned unjustly for practising their faith, belief or right to not believe.  Every day there are FoRB violations taking place around the world.  People are persecuted for their beliefs and often forced to denounce allegiance to their faith or belief and submit to another.  These atrocities take place in remote corners of the world as well as in plain sight by radicalised faith factions, dictatorships, and governments.  Times of conflict and disaster increase the opportunities for violations and atrocities.  By raising awareness and keeping people informed we let all offenders know ‘The World is Watching!’.

  • Developing relationships with universities, government groups such as UK All Party Parliamentary Groups and NGO’s around the world.
  • We will organise delegation visits to countries experiencing FoRB violations and take parliamentarians to gain evidence at a grassroots level of such atrocities and crimes to initiate action.
  • Collaborating with other FoRB and Humanitarian NGO’s and providing assistance with FoRB related projects and making them known through media streams.
  • Delivering free training sessions face to face and online on “Understanding FoRB” and provide resource materials to teach, inform and inspire.
  • Developing a positive social media campaign that informs and empowers users and attracts global support for FoRB and the article 18 of the UDHR.
  • Taking every appropriate opportunity to speak formally and informally at events that can teach, inform and inspire people in relation to FoRB
  • Providing information to the Open Doors organisation to assist them in compiling their Christian FoRB violation watchlist, and by developing an all faith and belief FoRB violation watchlist that can be made available to all.

2. Recover Rights

Think of the rights taken for granted around the world.  In some countries we can dress in religious clothing, pray when and wherever we choose, or decide not to worship any God at all on a sabbath day, all without prejudice.  These rights are not experienced everywhere, people are persecuted, experience the withholding of privileges, are discriminated against, and are imprisoned for their faith or belief.  Communities, families, and lives are left in ruins after FoRB offenders ransack, torture, kidnap, abuse, rape and kill those who simply have a belief different to theirs.  The recovery of prisoners, rights, laws, and freedoms requires funding, support, endurance, and care.  As advocates we help recover what was lost and free those held captive.  The UDHR lists 30 basic rights and freedoms that belong to all of us, The FoRB foundation will assist in recovering those rights associated with FoRB by:

  • Making Article 18 of the UDHR known to people through various means as stated in “Raising Awareness”.
  • We will organise delegation visits to countries experiencing FoRB violations and take government officials to hold talks to initiate change, and compile reports of evidence that allow governments to support through appropriate means.
  • We will encourage parliamentarians to ask appropriate questions of governments and seek the support of lawyers to assist with the unjust imprisonment through FoRB violation.
  • Providing FoRB based leadership training to young people, so they can be an influence for good in years to come and reinstate lost rights.  (Training changes lives and creates leaders.  By training the leaders of tomorrow today, we can change the future.)

3. Rebuild Lives

FoRB Violations and atrocities leave devastation in their wake.  Lives disrupted through imprisonment.  Families broken through kidnappings, murdered loved ones, persecutions, and radicalisation.  Homes ransacked, defaced, and even demolished.  Towns stripped, taken over, plundered, and pillaged and communities destroyed.  And then, the difficult process of rebuilding self-esteem, a family home, a relationship begins.

  • providing basic skills training in-country to those who have experienced FoRB violations and are seeking new opportunities.
  • Assisting in the rebuilding of homes, schools, hospitals, and places of worship.
  • Supporting and assisting those who wish to relocate to protect themselves and families.
  • Providing opportunities for self-reliance, involvement in improvement and education and learning
  • Assisting devastated local religious communities through helping them rebuild religious infrastructure that have been damaged or destroyed.