A Registered Charity

The FoRB Foundation is thrilled to announce its recent achievement of obtaining registered charity status in the UK. This milestone represents more than just legal recognition; it symbolizes the organisation’s unwavering commitment to advancing freedom of religion or belief (FoRB) and brings with it a host of valuable benefits.

Securing registered charity status in the UK enhances the FoRB Foundation’s credibility, reinforcing its dedication to the public good. This recognition fosters trust among supporters, donors, and the wider community, solidifying the foundation’s position as a reputable force in championing religious freedom.

The advantages extend beyond reputation, as charitable status opens doors to significant tax relief. Enjoying exemptions on income and capital gains, along with reduced business rates, empowers the FoRB Foundation with additional financial resources to amplify its impact in promoting and safeguarding freedom of religion or belief.

Furthermore, the registered charity status unlocks access to a plethora of funding opportunities. Grant-giving bodies, both public and private, are more inclined to support registered charities, providing the FoRB Foundation with a strategic advantage in securing essential funding for its projects and initiatives.

As the FoRB Foundation celebrates this achievement, the organization is poised for increased collaboration, visibility, and success in its mission to advance freedom of religion or belief on both national and international fronts. The registered charity status is not just a legal formality; it marks a significant step towards realizing the foundation’s vision and fostering positive change in the realm of religious freedom.