Washington FoRB Event – Virginia

At the end of January, the FoRB foundation held a FoRB Awareness event at Washington DC.  Ruth Jones MP (UK), Julie Jones Director of the APPG FoRB (UK), Deb Barry Trustee of the FoRB Foundation and Emily Prisbrey of The FoRB Foundation spoke at the event.  The message was one of rallying the troops, with the need for support becoming evident as they each shared personal experiences relating to FoRB and victims of FoRB violations around the world.  Julie Jones shared how over 83% of the world’s population are suffering through FoRB violations and because there is no single catastrophic event or headlining conflict, the greatest humanitarian crisis of our time is going unnoticed or unreported.  Millions are dying and being persecuted under the radar.

Deb Barry Shared the need for victims to have someone to trust and for everyone the trusted person is different.  For some, it’s parents or family, for others its faith leader’s or community leaders, shopkeepers, school teachers and even YouTubers.  In moments of tragedy when the usual people to trust are no longer with you, where do you turn?  Where do you go when you have no home to go to because it has been burned to the ground because of what you believe or don’t want to believe.

We can all help and get involved and provide support in this huge humanitarian crisis let’s bring it above the radar and become a trusted source of care.